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Steel is 100% recyclable and currently the most recycled product in the world.
This green, environmentally friendly building alternative reduces our carbon footprint by up to 80%
and allows us to apply future-orientated construction practices.

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Superior Construction Method

The introduction of light steel frame building in South Africa is one of the most exciting developments in recent times – in both the steel and construction industries. Compared to traditional building methods, light steel frame construction offers the opportunity to erect structures of a higher quality and with less wastage – quicker, more cost-effective and to exact building specifications and architectural style.

We work very closely with architects interested in adding light steel framing to their portfolio. Apart from technical training, we offer extensive, ongoing support, to ensure that this world-class construction method receives the attention it deserves.

"The number of projects completed since our inception has helped us achieve record growth figures, but what we’re most proud of is the fact that we’ve set building industry best practice standards and benchmarks – influencing the future of construction nationally."
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Your Questions
  • What are the core benefits of Light Steel Frame construction?
    There are many benefits to Light Steel Frame construction. For architects, the most notable benefit would be the accuracy of the system, with tolerances well below the norm of brick-and-mortar buildings. For details about the other benefits, like sustainability, efficiency, eco-friendliness and speed of construction, refer to our Overview Page.
  • How much design freedom is possible with Light Steel Frame construction?
    Almost unlimited. Light Steel Framing is a versatile building system, creating creative freedom when designing structures. The high accuracy and low tolerance specifications of the product make it an ideal way to take your designs to the next level.
  • Can alterations be made to the frame on site?
    Of course. But due to the accuracy of Light Steel Framing, alterations due to mistakes or misfits would hardly be an issue. The Light Steel Frame comes predesigned and pre-packed and the erection of the structure is done with minimal wastage and mistakes. Most new systems allow quick and easy disassembly and reconstruction.
  • Can I extend a Light Steel Frame home at a later date?
    Of course. And it will be easier to alter than brick-and-mortar structures. Because Light Steel Framing has modular aspects, alterations and renovations to LSF buildings are simple and easy when compared to the mess and effort when having to alter a brick or concrete structure.
  • Do Light Steel Frame houses look different?
    Not at all. Put side by side, a light steel frame house will not look any different than traditional buildings. In fact, it will be straighter, neater with a smaller footprint – enlarging the available floor space by 4%.
  • Do Light Steel Frame houses cost more?
    No. Overall construction is completed in half the time and at lower cost. They are more energy and heat efficient and require less maintenance, decreasing long term expenses.
  • Which regulatory bodies are Silverline Group associated with?
    Silverline Group is associated with all the necessary regulatory bodies and boards, including the Master Builders Association, the Green Building Council of South Africa, the National Home Builders Registration Council, the Southern African Light Frame Steel Building Association, the South African Bureau of Standards, and the Franchise Association of South Africa, amongst others. View the complete list.
  • Why do people decide to build with LSF?
    Steel is a superior product for long term investment – it is light and strong, is termite and borer proof and dimensionally stable. It does not shrink or warp. The durability of Light Steel Framing will ensure integrity and high standard finishes long into the future. Steel is environmentally responsible.
  • What support do you offer to Architects?
    We have structures in place to educate our handpicked third party architects on the building principles and benefits of light steel framing. We provide support packs to architects that contain all the required information and in conjunction with MiTek Ultra Span Trusses, architects receive superior roof design services. We also do in-house software development, product development, structural engineering, shop drawing design and quantity surveying – a comprehensive offering that ensures results of international standards.
  • What are the eco-friendly benefits of Light Steel Framing?
    There are many benefits – the water used in the steel making process is recycled and returned, often cleaner than when it was taken from the source; every piece of steel contains recycled content (it can be recycled again and again into new, high quality products); and more steel is recycled than aluminium, glass and paper combined. A typical house framed in steel, requires the equivalent of about six, scrapped automobiles while a similar house framed in wood requires lumber from 40 to 50 trees.
  • How cutting-edge is Silverline Group?
    In the words of our CEO, Charl van Zyl: “The number of projects completed since our inception has helped us achieve record growth figures, but what we’re most proud of is the fact that we’ve set building industry best practice standards and benchmarks – influencing the future of construction nationally.”
  • Who have been some of your biggest clients?
    We are proud to be working with some of the biggest companies in South Africa (and the world). We’ve finished many jobs for McDonald’s, KFC, Chevrolet, Spar, Food Lovers’ Market, Burger King, MTN and many more. They are extremely happy with the accuracy and speed of our services as well as the long-term benefits like reduced electricity usage and improved insulation.
  • Why would you say Light Steel Framing is better than brick-and-mortar?
    In short: It is stronger than brick-and-mortar, it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building material, it lasts for more than 600 years and is dimensionally stable – it does not expand / contract due to moisture, it will not rot, swell, warp, split, crack or creep, it is invulnerable to termites, fungi, mould and other organisms, and is incombustible. These are only a few features worth noting. For a more comprehensive guide to steel, refer to our Product Page.
  • In the long term, what would the advantages of Light Steel Framing be for home-owners?
    When using Light Steel Framing, the internal space of building increase by 4%, meaning more lettable rental area. It also offers superior insulation, offering savings of up to 40% on electricity. From start to finish, construction is faster than traditional methods, meaning earlier occupation that leads to increased rental income and a reduced interest period on bond accounts.
  • Who are your main materials providers?
    We have affiliations with three international suppliers: FrameCAD, MiTek and Lafarge. In conjunction with these companies, we deliver superior end results.

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