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Introducing Silverline Group

A Little About Us

With offices in the Western Cape and Gauteng, Silverline Group has grown to become a major contributor in employment creation, economic growth and developing alternative, sustainable construction practices within South Africa and the Southern African region.

Silverline Group offers the entire spectrum of construction services, including architectural support, detailed shop drawing design, structural engineering, quantity surveying, distribution, and construction. We also offer in-house research, project management, software development, product development, marketing & sales, property development, commercial business brokerage, and exports.

We plan, model and construct green buildings from light steel that are as beautiful as the client imagined it could be. Our remarkable client base has allowed us to build our excellent reputation and ensure our company stability.

With our extensive construction franchise footprint, we are the largest light steel frame construction company on the continent.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Institutional

What We Stand For

Our Deeper Side


  • To set construction best practices and benchmarks
  • To promote light steel frame building as the future of the construction industry internationally


 To provide a unique value proposition to all stakeholders – ensuring continued growth and profit sustainability

  • Providing superior quality building products and construction service solutions to builders and contractors – packaging products, supporting services, pricing, quality and training
  • Providing excellent returns and empowerment to Franchisees – sharing the company’s growth and success with entrepreneurs



Building long-term, interdependent relationships based on respect and responsibility


Getting it right the first time, while saving time, money and energy


Offering high performance, durable, energy-efficient, cost-effective, green solutions


Abiding by world-class standards of service excellence, product value and business integrity

What Grounds Us

Our Foundation


Our corporate culture can be summarised in one word:  GROWTH. We are growing in company size, skills and projects completed successfully. We also grow in terms of our mission to offer future-orientated building solutions. We stay informed on all aspects of our industry and are flexible in our methods and procedures – to never hinder our culture of growth.


We follow a strict policy of providing our clients with construction solutions that are of the highest quality, durable, energy-efficient and cost-effective. WE NEVER COMPROMISE ON QUALITY. Our clients are assured that, with us, they save time and money, while still acquiring an end result that would not easily be matched elsewhere in the country.


Our construction methods, procedures and policies are approved by all the required authorities, as well as by government, all banks and municipalities:


South African Bureau of Standards
South African Light Steel Frame Association
National Home Builders Registration Council


We are strictly governed by the required agreements and authorities, to ensure that our service and product delivery is of world-class standards:

  • Employees:  Employee Contracts
  • Administration:  Companies Act & SARS
  • Safety:  OHASA & Local Authority Regulations (Managed by External Independent Consultants)
  • Suppliers:  Supplier Agreements
  • Construction:  NHBRC, SASFA & SABS
  • Franchisees:  Franchise Agreements & CPA
  • Training:  NHBRC, SABS & SASFA


How We Do It



  • We apply stringent project management and spend three weeks of intense planning before we start construction – reducing building time from months to weeks.
  • Our head office ensures that all project plans are carefully followed (even those of franchisees) and our management team is actively involved in the day-to-day processes of the business.
  • We appoint only qualified, passionate employees and focus on skills development to ensure that our personnel aren’t just dedicated to their positions at Silverline Group, but also add honest value to our clients’ projects.


  • High quality equipment
  • Extensive premises
  • Unique software solutions
  • Employees
  • Relationships with our suppliers
  • Our memorandum of understanding with materials manufacturer Lafarge and software developer Framecad
  • Our material suppliers are the very best available in the construction industry
  • We stay up-to-date with progress on material supplies
  • We stay up-to-date with the latest building methods and modern processes


  • State-of-the-art technology to plan, model and construct buildings that are cost-effective, energy-efficient and highly attractive.
  • An advanced end-to-end design-and-build system ensures the most efficient and fastest construction cycle possible – even in challenging environments.
  • Streamlined and automated engineering, designing and detailing processes.
  • Framecad – a CAD interface precision design and truss engineering software program, specifically for cold formed steel construction.
  • Our own specialised software application includes costing programs, material calculators and project management functionality, as well as incorporates online training material and an operating manual for franchisees.
  • Detailed planning and precise calculations – ensuring that we reduce waste for increased profitability.
  • 2D and 3D drawings offer our clients a realistic representation of the structural planning and to streamline the design approval process.

Expansion Plans

Our Future


We currently have offices in Cape Town and George, with franchise representatives in various regions across the Cape Metropole, West Coast, Garden Route area, Port Elizabeth metropole, the Freestate, Limpopo and Gauteng.

Our franchise footprint allows us to deliver consistent, exceptional quality construction services to our clients over a broad geographical spectrum. This franchise concept has won us the Franchise Association of South Africa’s Franchise Of The Year award in 2014. We will continue to actively market our construction franchises nationally.


  • establishing Silverline Group as the market leader – publically known even outside the construction industry;
  • educating the public on the benefits of light steel building materials;
  • promoting light steel as the preferred choice when extending or constructing new buildings;
  • marketing the construction franchises as unique opportunities to earn lucrative returns;
  • continuously improving our infrastructure, processes and procedures – staying up-to-date with modern technology and the latest advances in equipment and applications.

Our marketing arsenal will include some of our existing, revamped material, as well as additional electronic media to satisfy the more technologically advanced, younger entrepreneurial market.


We’re In It For The Long Run

Silverline Group’s journey of success is unprecedented in the South African construction industry.

It is noteworthy that our growth of more than 500% (2012 – 2014) was achieved in a competitive industry that reported negative growth in 2011 and an overall growth rate of only 4% in 2012. A number of project enquiries have been received from neighbouring countries and there are several large local housing developments in the pipeline.

Apart from the company’s success, the industry is also forecast to continue growing by 25% per year.

The demand for middle and upper income housing, schools and roofing structures for low cost housing projects is growing. Local architects are increasingly utilising the advantages of light steel framing, as it shaves weeks off building time. The advent of light steel frame building in South Africa is one of the most exciting developments in recent times.

It is a sustainable industry and Silverline Group’s high performance alternative building solutions are right on track to meet the needs of responsible consumers worldwide.

53% of all construction activity is in emerging markets – this may reach 63% by 2025. Source: StatsSA Construction 2025CIDB
US $15 trillion is the projected value of the global contruction industry by 2025, up 70%

Source: Stats SA Construction 2025 CIDB

Social Responsibility

How We’re Giving Back

We enjoy sharing our success. As we grow, we focus on growing the people alongside us too.

  • Our construction franchises allow hands-on entrepreneurs valuable skills development in a sustainable, growing sector of the construction industry – while earning a lucrative income.
  • Our Franchise Training Academy offers construction franchisees a full spectrum training package to enable them to become ambassadors for light steel frame building and to ensure that they apply the highest building and business principles – not only while representing Silverline Group, but also in their broader construction professions.
  • We offer internships to those with a passion for a future in construction-related services.

We believe in our responsibility to nurture relationships. We believe in growth. This means that we believe in growing people parallel to growing our business.

Within the construction sector, Silverline Group is positioned as a leader of empowerment and transformation in South African business.

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