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Training of Franchisees

On Light Steel Frame Construction Methods

Our Construction Franchisees operate their own construction businesses within our infrastructure and with the benefit of profiting off our stable brand and marketing initiatives.

As part of this mutually beneficial relationship, we offer continuous training via our Franchise Training Academy.

Franchisees receive a complete Construction Franchise Operating Manual, which includes all information related to the Silverline Group brand, the light steel frame industry, the benefits of light steel (versus other building material), and the technical specifications required during construction.

We also conduct business training, on-site construction training (with site construction manuals) and SASFA training. As part of the training process, our franchisees receive all related documents, forms, contracts and software programs.

With our continuous support and extensive training, our franchisees stay informed and optimally benefit from their Silverline Group Construction Franchise.

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Your Questions
  • What does the Silverline Group do?
    Silverline Group is a construction company, offering the entire spectrum of building services – from architectural support to detailed shop drawings, from quantity surveying to project management and lots more. We build green buildings from light steel framing, a revolutionary building process that is environmentally friendly, delivers fast results, offers bigger internal space than brick-and-mortar buildings, and is more efficient. We operate on a national level in South Africa, with operations in Africa, the Caribbean and even Australia. We offer franchise opportunities to builders and businessmen. For more information on our franchise offering, check out our franchise website.
  • Where is the Silverline Group headquarters? And other offices?
    Our head office is located in Somerset West, Cape Town, with a regional office in George on the Garden Route. Our franchisees operate all over the country – from KwaZulu Natal to Gauteng, North West to the Eastern Cape, from the Garden Route to the Cape Peninsula.
  • What are the prospects for the Light Steel Frame industry in general?
    It is one of the most exciting developments in steel and construction in recent times. It has been perfected over the last 50 years and has become the preferred way of building in many countries like the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zeeland. Although it has only been recently introduced to South Africa, it is growing at an annual rate of 25%. Astounding, isn’t it? We believe the scope for the future is almost without limit.
  • What makes Light Steel Frame construction different from traditional building methods?
    Compared to traditional methods, LSF construction delivers structures of a higher quality and with less wastage – quicker and more cost-effective than brick-and-mortar. What’s more, it is done to exact building specifications, the material is fully customisable to the client’s requirements and the architectural style. Furthermore, steel is 100% recyclable and currently the most recycled product in the world. It is green, reducing carbon footprints by up to 80% and allows for future-orientated construction practices. All-in-all a much better option than traditional building methods.
  • What are your core values?
    We build our business on four pillars: Relationships, Efficiency, Quality and Standards with a strong corporate emphasis on Culture, Approval, Quality and Governance.
  • What services do you offer?
    We offer a wide range of construction services: Architectural Support, Software Development, Detailed Shop Drawing Design, Product Development, Structural Engineering, Marketing & Sales, Quantity Surveying, Property Development, Distribution, Commercial Business Brokerage, Research, Exports, and Project Management. For more details, refer to our Services Page.
  • What is Light Steel Frame construction?
    Light Steel Frame construction is an alternative building system, recently introduced to South Africa, used to build steel frame homes and other structures. Light Steel Frame construction offers a wide range of benefits that beat traditional brick-and-mortar buildings – it is greener, more efficient, quicker to erect and more durable.
  • I’d like to contract the Silverline Group for a project – what do I do?
    You can contact our head office or your closest franchise. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have and get your project going in next to no time. And it will be done faster than you ever imagined. Refer to our Contact Page for details of our Head Office or a Franchisee in your area.
  • What are your future plans?
    We are extremely excited in sharing our future as a rapidly growing company in a stable, flourishing industry with builders and entrepreneurs through our franchise offerings. Our Construction Franchises deliver consistent work across the country and we aim to build on this solid foundation, taking Silverline Group to the rest of Africa and the world.
  • I’m interested in becoming a Silverline Group franchisee. Tell me more?
    We offer two franchise options - both costing around R1 million. The Construction Franchise is a hands-on business for experienced builders, and the term is ten years. The Business Franchise is for entrepreneurs who want to capitalise on this fast growing industry, but without any actual involvement. The returns are 19.1% and the term is for five years.
  • In a nutshell, how does your company structure work?
    We offer a turn-key service to our clients – from conception to hand-over. The company is structured into three divisions – Services, Products and Franchises – that cater for all possible needs and requirements. For more details, have a look at our Company Structure.
  • How sustainable is Light Steel Frame construction, considering it is relatively new to the South African market?
    We believe it is exceptionally sustainable. Between 2012 and 2014 Silverline Group experienced growth of 500% in an industry segment that is predicted to grow by 25% per year. On a global scale, 53% of all construction activity is in emerging markets and Silverline Group is ideally positioned to take full advantage of these facts.
  • What about Social Responsibility?
    At the core, Light Steel Frame construction is green, leaving less of an impact on our world. We are also a prolific job creator – we give entrepreneurs invaluable skills development through our Franchise Training Academy. We also offer internships to people with a passion for construction-related services. We also provide a more affordable alternative to traditional low-cost housing, which would help to uplift more disadvantaged communities.
  • What are the eco-friendly benefits of Light Steel Framing?
    There are many benefits – the water used in the steel making process is recycled and returned, often cleaner than when it was taken from the source; every piece of steel contains recycled content (it can be recycled again and again into new, high quality products); and more steel is recycled than aluminium, glass and paper combined. A typical house framed in steel, requires the equivalent of about six, scrapped automobiles while a similar house framed in wood requires lumber from 40 to 50 trees.
  • How do I contact Silverline Group?
    You can contact us via e-mail, phone, fax or through our website. For more details, visit our Contact Page.

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